Skill Up With Synergy Skill Training

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Looking to build Synergy skills through hands-on training relevant to your role? Synergy Skill Training is designed to help you do just that, with training sessions covering a wide range of topics and functionality for all skill levels.

Current Sessions

Register today for one of our upcoming training sessions and bookmark this page to check back for new topics and sessions as we roll them out throughout the year. Note that registration for each session closes three business days in advance.

What's My Skill Level?

  • Beginner - New Synergy users and those who are just beginning to get comfortable in the Synergy environment.
  • Intermediate - Experienced users who are comfortable navigating Synergy and self-reliant in completing regular tasks.
  • Advanced - Seasoned Synergy users who are ready to develop or further their Synergy customization skill set.



IA - Hands-On Setup of New Grade Book

April 25, 2024  |  8 am - 12 pm  |  $299 Onsite in Mesa  |  $249 Virtual

Learn how to transition to using New Grade Book features and functionality, with personalized help all along the way.

FOR: District Admin

LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate