Today’s online and app-driven world has raised the expectations of parents, who want an easy way to participate in their child’s education. The anytime, anywhere ParentVUE® web and mobile portals meet those expectations head-on, enabling parents to stay connected, get timely information, and access learning resources to help their child do well in school.

Parent Onboarding & 订婚

The ParentVUE web and mobile portals help parents get their child started in your district and allow them to stay engaged from registration through graduation.

  • Online Registration - When a parent or guardian first enrolls a student in your district, the online registration process begins with the parent creating a login for the ParentVUE web and mobile portals. Once the login is created, the parent can enter and complete the registration process. 
  • Parent Portal - When the student enrollment is finalized, the parent is already equipped to access ParentVUE to review their child’s information, track their progress, and stay connected to classroom and district happenings. 
  • One 登录 - For parents with more than one child in your district, a single login is all that is needed to see information for all of their children in one place even if they are at different schools.
Parent and Student working on laptop

Real-Time 信息

Synergy makes it easy to share the latest information with parents right away, so they’re never in the dark about their child’s grades, behavior incidents, or important announcements.

  • Student Data - Parents can see up-to-date scores and grades, 类网站, 作业细节, content and resources, assignment due dates, missing assignments, 平均绩点, progress toward graduation, behavior and 出席 detail, school and district calendars and announcements, 和更多的.
  • Customizable Notifications - Parents can turn on email notifications to receive alerts about school events, 出席, discipline incidents, visits to the school nurse, and scores that fall below a threshold that they choose. 
  • Announcements - Sending out announcements and updates is a snap, whether it’s a change in meeting location for a class field trip, or a district-wide school closure.

Quick, Easy Communication

Synergy makes it simple for parents to communicate with teachers, 办公室工作人员, and school administrators no matter what language they speak at home. Parents can send and receive Synergy Mail messages without leaving the ParentVUE interface, and Synergy can automatically translate incoming and outgoing email messages, helping to bridge language barriers and broaden parent participation.

Parent and Student using laptop

工具 To Get Things Done

The ParentVUE portal goes beyond the simple display of information, enabling parents to update student information 和更多的 without having to stop by the school office or pick up the phone.

  • Report Absences - Parents can enter the absence dates, a reason for the absence, add a comment if desired, and upload a doctor’s note or document related to the absence.
  • Pay Fees - Parents can review a summary of outstanding balance and fees, 查看收费详情, and pay fees online.
  • Update Student 信息 - Parents can update their child’s name, physician information, medical conditions, 和更多的, subject to approval by the school. For edits that your district might not allow parents to make themselves, such as demographic information, further information can be provided about how to make the update.
  • Submit Course Requests - Parents can see their child’s current course requests and alternates, 搜索课程, and add courses as requests or alternates.