The 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic has created unique challenges for school districts across the country. 在回应, we’ve created a suite of new features that complement previously existing functionality to support you through these difficult times. Whether you’ve instituted in-person, 混合动力, or 100% remote instruction, we have a tool to help. These features are included in your base Synergy® package unless otherwise noted.

Video 12bet游戏 Integration

Video conferencing enables Synergy users to easily conduct secure virtual conferences and meetings with real-time video, audio, 屏幕共享, 文件共享, 突破组织, and 闲谈,聊天 – all without leaving the Synergy interface. Virtual conferences can be initiated from the Student, 工作人员, 家长, and Synergy Mail screens in 协同SIS. 12bet游戏s can be joined from the StudentVUE®, 家长VUE®和TeacherVUE® web portals and all role-based 移动应用程序: StudentVUE®, 家长VUE®, TeacherVUE®, AdminVUE®,我喜欢。®, HealthVUE®和advisvue®. (Virtual 12bet游戏 Integration is included with 协同LMS and can be licensed separately for nominal fee.)


A daily survey can be defined to screen students for 新型冠状病毒肺炎 symptoms selected for inclusion by the district. 通常, elementary schools require 父母 to complete the survey for the student, while at secondary schools both the parent and student may be allowed to complete the survey. School staff may also complete the survey for students upon arrival at school each day. Synergy captures the responses and can run queries and reports to see which students have not completed the survey each day. The survey can also trigger certain procedures to begin, such as a Synergy workflow or nurse referral based on positive responses. The 每日调查 can be accessed via the 家长VUE® web portal and 手机应用程序, the StudentVUE® web portal and 手机应用程序, and the AdminVUE® 手机应用程序.

Students wearing masks in class


If a student or staff member tests positive for 新型冠状病毒肺炎, Synergy can help to identify and notify students, 父母, and staff who may have been exposed, while protecting the privacy of all involved. The contact tracing tool uses the school schedule in combination with district-defined parameters such as attendance, 类, 公交路线, 储物柜数量, and nurse office visits to determine possible exposure.


The 时间跟踪 feature allows students or 父母 to self-report the amount of time students spend on a task or topic. 通常, secondary schools allow students to self-report, while elementary schools require 父母 to report on behalf of the student.


In districts following a remote or 混合动力 learning model without video conferencing, teachers can record contact made with student via phone, 电子邮件, 闲谈,聊天, 等.


The 接触者追踪 and 每日调查 features can be paired with core Synergy features for deeper functionality. Positive results identified by the 接触者追踪 or 每日调查 tools can be fed to the Synergy Actions menu to run a report or form letter or create an interactive checklist to share with staff members who can then take a pre-determined action. Workflows can also be combined with 接触者追踪 to automatically turn on a workflow that is compliant with district 新型冠状病毒肺炎 policies, such as a nurse referral or letter generation, that can be modified as district policies evolve.

Other core Synergy features commonly used for 新型冠状病毒肺炎 needs are User-Defined Fields and Workflows. 例如, a user-defined drop-down list can be created to select a remote, 混合动力, or in-person instructional setting for each student. This field can then generate an icon on the TeacherVUE® seating chart and trigger a workflow for letters, 调查问卷, or permission slips that are required when the student moves from one instructional setting to another. 

Contactless Registration & Enrollment Verification

Synergy Online Registration enables families to submit all required registration and verification information and documents online, including birth verification, 地址验证, immunization verification, 授权, and policy acknowledgements. (Synergy Online Registration 是单独许可的.)

远程支持 & 混合学习

协同LMS makes it easy to build and share courses, sequence curriculum items and map them to the district calendar, provide secure virtual classrooms with integrated Zoom video conferencing, and more – all fully integrated by design. (协同LMS 是单独许可的.)